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  Công ty:  Công Ty Cổ Phần Thương Mại Vận Tải Biển Trường Phát Lộc        
Địa chỉ   422 Đào Trí, Phường Phú Thuận, Quận 7, Tp. HCM   Điện thoại   00842837733492
Website   Di động  00842837733492
Email   Đại diện liên hệ  NGUYEN VAN MINH or TRAN VAN NAM
  Giới thiệu công ty:
  As one of the biggest shipping company in Vietnam, with more than 300 qualified seafarer and 08 Vessel under our management, We manage a range of vessel including Oil Tanker, Gas Carrier and Chemical Tanker ranging from 20,000 till 50,000 DWT.We believe a good crew quality is a backbone for success and therefore we highly focus on continuous training for our workforce to meet the dynamic demand of the industry. Born to provide a client driven service, we recognize the need to empower crews who fully understand the requirements of ship owners and making sure our crew maintain a consistent state of awareness and professionalism.In order to stay competitive in the industry, we continually seeking for ways to innovate working practices, innovate our ship fleet and never stop to explorer new and effective ways of management. Having years of experience in the service, we are confident to provide the best quality of service in cost effective manner.Our fleet:- Mt. Everrich 1 (Oil & Che).- Mt. Everrich 2 (Oil & Che).- Mt. Everrich 3 (Oil & Che).- Mt. Everrich 5 (Oil & Che).- Mt. Everrich 7 (Oil & Che).- Mt. Everrich 6 (Liquefied Gas Carrier).- Mt. Everrich 8 (LPG).- Mt. Everrich 10 (LPG).  
  Các vị trí tuyển dụng
          AB, Oiler tàu dầu/hóa chất. Số lượng: 05/chức danh
          C/E, C/O
          Oiler, Wiper, Mess, Pumpman, BSN, AB, OS