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Địa chỉ   HH2, D3, KHU VĂN THÁNH BẮC, P25, Q. BÌNH THẠNH, TP. HỒ CHÍ MINH   Điện thoại   08 3512 6250
Website   Di động  0989369720
Email   Đại diện liên hệ  Ngọc Giao
  Giới thiệu công ty:
  In order to meet the growing global demand for well-educated, skilled and trained seafarers, ship owners are looking for additional sources for crew supply.Maritime Education and Human Resource Center (UT-STC) located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam offers suitable solutions for this demand. The Center is existing since 2005 and became fully operational in 2006 when the bridge-, cargo- and engine room simulators were installed.After more than 12 years of experience in Vietnam, providing education, training, security, consultancy, advice and applied research for the shipping, logistic and port-related industry sectors, the STC-Group of Rotterdam, The Netherlands opened in 2006 the Maritime Education and Human Resource Center in HCMC, in short UT-STC.UT-STC is a modern, well equipped training Center with 4 DNV approved full mission bridge simulators, a cargo simulator, an engine room simulator and computer based training facilities. Furthermore there are training facilities available for firefighting and lifesaving courses as required under STCW.UT-STC has DNV accreditation for several STCW courses, furthermore has a DNV accreditation as a Maritime Training Center and is fully accredited by the Vietnamese maritime authority to issue all STCW certificates.On behalf of contracted shipping companies UT-STC provides well-trained and experienced maritime cadets and seafarers, currently there are over 250 students, cadets and officers under contract .For the domestic shipping companies UT-STC carries out courses in maritime English, STCW courses and tailor made courses in the maritime field.Through practical training, development of skills and improving of competencies, the Center is a hot point to crew manning, supply and export of seafarers to international ship owners and especially to European fleets.  
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